Manufacturing and Logistics Sector

The Manufacturing and Logistics sectors both play important roles in Northern and Southern Nevada’s economy; many of their occupations are interconnected. Many key industries in the state are linked to manufacturing and logistics, such as mining, natural resources, tourism and gaming, and construction.

    The production of consumer durable and non-durable goods holds a very important place in Nevada’s economy. Manufacturing firms are not necessarily reliant on local demand for goods and are therefore footloose. Their location then depends more on local factors such as the quality and availability of the labor force, transportation infrastructure, non-wage labor costs, access to innovative technologies, and the cost of doing business.

      Manufacturing jobs are highly paid, and manufacturing is an economic driver for all. Nevada's manufacturing industry is particularly sensitive to a shortage of skilled workers. Apprenticeship programs and manufacturing skills certifications are needed to create and maintain an adequate skilled workforce pool.

        Logistics and Operations include; logistics, distribution, transportation, and internet fulfillment operations. There is a strong existing infrastructure in Nevada for a wide range of distribution, logistics, and related operations, as well as for air cargo and passenger transportation, with significant cost and regulatory advantages compared to neighboring states.

          Nevada can be a western hub of transport and operations, an "inland port", because of its locational and geographic advantage, but building a skilled and available workforce is a priority.