What does "Career Pathway" mean in Nevada, and how are pathways part of the Governor's vision for the state?


“Career pathway” is defined as an aligned system of industry-recognized academic and technical courses, workplace training programs, support services, and workforce preparation activities that help an individual enter or advance within a given occupation or industry sector. Learners may enter at various points along a pathway; earn indicators of completion which hold labor market value, including but not limited to diplomas, certificates, credentials, and degrees; and obtain employment, job retention, and/or wage gains as a result.

    Strategic Planning Theory of Action

    If Nevada offers Career Pathways for adults and youth, as early as middle school, that include:

    • A rigorous series of general education and specialized courses designed for specific career tracks;
    • The opportunity to earn valued designations such as endorsed high school diplomas, industry recognized certifications or credentials, and college and/or university degrees; and
    • Quality workplace training within industry sectors aligned with the state’s foundational and emerging economic sectors;

    Then, in alignment with the Governor’s Strategic Planning Framework “Generations to Come,” Nevada will build a highly skilled and diverse workforce (Objective 3.2), reduce the unemployment rate (Objective 5.1), and reduce dependency on social services (Objective 5.4).